For the Bold Battery Warriors (Smartphone)

And if you’re feeling bold, you can go to war to preserve your battery.

Try two more apps, NoRoot Firewall and Ampere. Plus, a link (at the bottom) to an article showing how to prevent pesky apps from restarting every though you’ve killed them (with Kaspersky Battery Saver, or whatever)

NoRoot Firewall, which will show you real-time report of every app trying to access the internet, as it does it.. So you can see which apps (ones you forgot about? Hidden ones?) are constantly activating and using your cpu/battery. (To use, just install, then Start the firewall, then go to the Access Log page you see apps hitting internet, you can use the firewall to deny internet access to those apps of you want, too, but you’d need to keep the firewall running)

Get NoRoot Firewall here:


This app will show you the rate of charge (or discharge) your current charger is supplying to your phone. It really makes a difference to use the official chargers,  as they often do a much better job, especially if the have fast charge capability. Also, be wary when buying replacement cords for chargers, cheapy ones often don’t allow adequate charging.

NOTE: if you’re charging at 700-1100 mAh you’re doing good.. But if your charge reads, like, 98 mAh, or 110 mAh or other sad levels.. You need to either get a better charger, a better cord… OR, like me, you need to GO TO WAR AGAINST THOSE PESKY APPS. Before I installed Kaspersky Battery Saver app thinger.. My charger was only going at like 100mAh.. I’m like, what? Cuz I know charger and cord are good…  I checked NoRoot Firewall and saw everything and the kitchen sink trying to hit the internet… I have a lot of email accounts, so I reduced the frequency the check for mail (30-60 mins for less important ones).. But after running Kaspersky, charging jumped back up to 900-1000 mAh.. And battery stopped hovering at 5-7%, and started increasing normally again (36% now).

Get Ampere app here:


Some apps are stubborn and try to keep coming back.. For the semi-intrepid (it’s not ask that hard, actually), you can try the Developer options in your phone settings, following the steps in this article:


Imagine Logical Breathes – Web Dev Mystics Launch Site

Imagine Logical Breathes

When was the last time you witnessed a live birth?  It is true, the power of creation is a potent and heady thing.  Like a nascent but guiding proto-ghost, Imagine Logical the Concept has been shaping our efforts for some time now, but today, Imagine Logical the Website crosses over from concept to concrete.

If you’re lucky enough to have been here for it, you’ve just now been party to a meta-mystical undertaking, a long time in the making.

The birth of Imagine Logical!

Aa bug, winged. Imagine Logical knows them. Keeps them close.


We are simultaneously stylish and substantive — both analytical and artistic.  In a word, Abracadigital!

We are Imagine Logical.

Whether a Web Widget or a full-blown eCom Phenom, we will imagine it logically, then will it into existence. For you, our coveted client. We dedicate ourselves to sussing out your business requirements, even beyond those you’ve found the time to jot down.  We’ll cogitate a bit about the big picture, what you’re trying to accomplish and how best to make it happen.  Next, we’ll formulate an action plan, complete with an appropriate bag of magic tools to use.  And then, we begin.

Soon, you too may join our happy throng of empowered customers.  Recent acolytes to the IL Cult of Clients:

Since you’re now very curious, have a look at Imagine Logical’s core services.  From there, you’ll be able to pick the best way we can help you. You certainly know best. And that’s the ticket. Do you know what I mean? That’s what I thought. One more short sentence should do it. Or perhaps two more. Either way, we’ll get there. As I said, it may take all night. Therefore, whether it’s graphic & logo design, web development or a full eCommerce solution, we’re here to help!

Imagine Creating a Logical Miracle of Technical Organismical Brilliance!

Welcome to Imagine Logical.  

We strive to merge keyed code with Fiery Toad, linear mode with synaptic magic.

From snapped digits ideas pop — thin air to thickened, with a sick mystic twist stripped of the ignorant bliss of hubris.

We’re old code poets beneath bodhi trees, conjuring e-commerce totems with belabored ease.